Where will the 2020 Spring Meeting be? What will be the theme?

Happy 2019!

As we prepare for the 2019 Spring Meeting in Orlando, it is not too early to dream about the next Spring Meeting in 2020.

Do you have an idea for a theme? Would you like to host the meeting at your home institution? Please, let me know!

Meeting organizers include a Program Chair and a Host. You could volunteer to do either, or both.
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SEA Events at AAA Meetings

From Dolores Koenig, President, Society for Economic Anthropology

Bram Tucker, incoming SEA President, and I would like to welcome all to the AAA meetings. SEA is offering many exciting events.

There are many interesting SEA sessions, which look at issues such as: ethnography in white collar contexts, new energy landscapes in Africa (co-sponsored with Association for Africanist Anthro), the anthropology of corporations (co-sponsored with the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology), the value and authenticity of cultural products, technologies of governance and communication, calculating the value of food, space, and risk, commodity cycles, taxation, consumerism, entrepreneurship, and the middle classes. For more details on these sessions, see the AAA program.
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