Risk and resilience photo entry: Leann Leiter


Photo credit: Leann Leiter, MA in Sustainable Communities candidate, Northern Arizona University

Title: Everyday Readiness

Description: I am conducting a participatory research study in the small village in Northern Arizona where I live, which has recently been threatened by wildfires and experienced several minor earthquakes. I have asked my neighbors to contemplate what “disaster” means to them, and photo-document things in and around their households that represent their vulnerability or resilience in the face of potential disaster. I decided to join them in the process. The items in this image are the partial contents of what I call my “Apoco-pac,” a bag I keep packed at all times in case of emergency or evacuation. The items – ranging from cordage to a compass – help me feel prepared for the unknown on an everyday basis.

Abstract deadline extended for SEA meeting to Jan 18

Abstracts for the 2016 SEA conference are due Jan 18 to give those just coming back from break time to submit – please remember to submit them following the instructions below. Thanks, and see you in Athens!
You might think that clicking on “Spring Meetings” in the americananthro.org website would do it, but this link just takes you to a description of the Spring meetings.
Instead, to register/submit your abstract, go to americananthro.org, then log on with your AAA id and password.  Once you are logged in, click on meeting registration on the left-hand side.  Then look for our meeting and click register.
The reason our deadline is Jan 11 rather than later is because we want to let participants know if their abstract was accepted in sufficient time so that people may secure travel funding.
Here is a Revised Call for Papers with more information about our keynote speaker, Dr. Kathleen Galvin, and lodging.
To further inspire risky and resilient thoughts, below are the fine entries we have received from the Photo Contest:
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