Submit your SEA abstracts now – Due Jan 11

Our online system is now working – Here is how you will submit an abstract for consideration for the 2016 SEA meetings.

1.  Go to and log in.  If you don’t have a login id and password, make one (to the best of my knowledge you can do this even without becoming a AAA member).

2.  Once you are logged in, look to the left hand column, click on Meeting registration.

3.  Follow online prompts to register for the meeting (if we do not accept your abstract and you do not decide to attend, you may request that your registration fee be refunded).

4.  Once you are registered, AAA will automatically send you an email inviting you to submit an abstract.  Click the link and follow the instructions.

Risk and resilience photo entry: Rick Wilk


“I was passing through Seine Bight village [Belize] this morning, and I saw this dog and had to stop. This whole community is in a precarious position – less than a meter above sea level in many places. In the last 4 years the tourist trade has been hurt badly by the unprecedented huge rafts of sargassum seaweed washing up on the beaches and rotting, as well as algae blooms which make fishing and diving impossible.   This photo was taken in late November, this year with record rains and flooding that has damaged houses and crops all over the country. This dog has figured out how to escape the flood; will these coastal communities show a similar kind of resilience?”
—Rick Wilk

Please submit your photos, too!
Please send us photos that you think describes and elaborates the conference theme of risk and resilience, along with a title and short description.

We will use the photos that we receive to promote the meeting.  Each week until the meeting we will email an exemplary photo to the SEA-list, with the goal of encouraging interest and thinking through the various meanings and experiences of risk and resilience.

Grand prize:  Free Banquet ticket at the SEA meeting, and your photo will be presented in a place of honor at the meeting.


* It must be a photo that you have taken.

* By submitting it to the competition you agree to allow SEA to use the photo to promote the conference.

* You do not have to be an SEA member to enter the contest.

* Please be sensitive to the use of images of people, living or deceased, in photos.

* Due: any time before Jan 1, 2016.

* Send all entries to Bram Tucker: bramtuck [at] uga [dot] edu

We will add a photo credit to the corner of your photo before use.  Photos used in emails will have text written over them to announce the meeting.