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Risk and Resilience Photo Contest for SEA conference

Excited about SEA 2016? Impatient to submit something aside from the abstracts due Jan 6? Do we have the photo contest for you!
Please send us photos that you think describes and elaborates the conference theme of risk and resilience, along with a title and short description.

We will use the photos that we receive to promote the meeting.  Each week until the meeting we will email an exemplary photo to the SEA-list, with the goal of encouraging interest and thinking through the various meanings and experiences of risk and resilience.

Grand prize:  Free Banquet ticket at the SEA meeting, and your photo will be presented in a place of honor at the meeting.


* It must be a photo that you have taken.

* By submitting it to the competition you agree to allow SEA to use the photo to promote the conference.

* You do not have to be an SEA member to enter the contest.

* Please be sensitive to the use of images of people, living or deceased, in photos.

* Due: any time before Jan 1, 2016.

* Send all entries to Bram Tucker:

We will add a photo credit to the corner of your photo before use.  Photos used in emails will have text written over them to announce the meeting.

To get the ball rolling, I submit this photo:

M0387BT bad cornA bad day at Belo.

In January 1998 the people of Belo, a small Mikea forest camp in southwestern Madagascar, awoke one morning to find that a swarm of grasshoppers had devastated their swidden maize fields.  It had already been a tough year for maize cultivation.  An early rainstorm tricked farmers into planting early.  Sustained, heavy rains started late, so that farmers were forced to sow fields a second time.  Rainfall was light in 1998; it would prove the driest year in the forthcoming decade.  The maize fields at Belo were doing rather well until the grasshoppers arrived.  Without maize, Mikea at Belo sought other resources, including wild watermelons, selling tenrecs, and selling their own labor.  —Bram Tucker

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