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Call for Archaeology Session Proposals

Dear fellow archaeologists,

Are you organizing a session for the upcoming SAA meeting in Chicago about an economic theme? Consider applying for sponsorship from the Society for Economic Anthropology.

The Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA), a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) seeks to increase our engagement with archaeologists working on themes related to economic anthropology. We hope that this increased engagement will lead to productive conversations between archaeologists and ethnographers working on economic questions, as well as increase the representation of archaeologists within the SEA. To that end, we endeavor to sponsor a session each year at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). All sessions related to themes of economic anthropology are eligible, but we especially welcome sessions that bring in SEA members as participants or discussants; sessions that contribute to or build on themes explored at SEA annual meetings; and sessions that include the work of scholars from under-represented groups. We ask that the chair(s) of the selected sessions acknowledge their SEA sponsorship at the opening and closing of the session and that they invite audience members to find out more about the SEA at

The selected session will receive $500, which can be used for the following expenses:

SAA membership fees, conference registration fees, or travel expenses for participants who are

  • Students
  • Contingent, underemployed, or non-academic participants who lack institutional conference support
  • Non-SAA economic anthropologists who are included as participants or discussants

In addition, the SAA will donate one year of AAA/SEA membership fees to one student participant in the session, so that they may more easily engage with the SEA.

Finally, the session will receive special consideration for publication in the Palgrave series Studies in Ancient Economies.

If you are interested in SEA sponsorship for your SAA session, please email by September 2 with a session abstract; a list of presenters/discussants and their topics; an explanation of how your session incorporates the scholarship of under-represented groups, if applicable; and a brief budget for how you plan to spend the $500.

We invite all archaeologists interested in economic anthropology to join the SEA listserv, SEA-L@LIST.KENNESAW.EDU, by emailing our listserv manager Brandon Lundy at (You don’t have to be an SEA member to join!) Please also consider submitting an article or book review to our journal, Economic Anthropology, for which we put out two calls for papers each year (

Please share this call for proposals with anyone you think might be interested.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2022 SEA Spring Meeting

The 2022 Society for Economic Anthropology Annual Meeting — “Value and Change; Value in Crisis,” a hybrid conference — will be held on Thursday, 2 June and Friday, 3 June 2022 at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, hosted by the Philosophy Group at the Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy. For more information, including the details of the Call for Papers, please visit the 2022 Annual Meeting page on this web site.

We plan to hold a hybrid conference which will allow both remote as well as in-person attendance. Submissions may be for both remote as well as in person presentations, and equal consideration will be given to both forms of participation. In turn, the exact shape of our program will depend on the balance of in-person and remote presentations we receive. We’re particularly excited for this organizing task as we see designing and running a good hybrid conference as a way for SEA meetings to be more accessible on into the future.

We would also like to note that the substance of this year’s call is meant to speak to topics where philosophers and anthropologists have overlapping questions and concerns. Given that, we would welcome contributors who are thinking across these particular disciplinary boundaries.

We anticipate opening the submission portal for the 2022 meeting sometime between late October and early November 2021, and closing the portal in late January 2022. Of course, the exact timing will depend a bit on how quickly or slowly we are able to coordinate with the AAA.

We look forward to writing you in the coming months to announce the opening of the registration portal as well as the selection of the conference’s keynote speaker.

Until then, please feel free to write us with questions, comments or concerns.

Matthew Archer, Sverre Raffnsøe, Daniel Souleles, Morten Sørensen Thaning,
Conference Chairs

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