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Call for papers: SEA at AAA 2014

Start thinking about potential panels now for the December 3-7 AAA meetings in Washington, D.C. Last year’s AAA let us see the variety of economic anthropology in the AAAs, and we hope to see more this year!

The theme for the meeting, Producing Anthropology, offers a provocation to examine the truths we encounter, produce and communicate through anthropological theories and methods. This theme provides a rich context for the exploration of work produced under the broad umbrella of Economic Anthropology.

Susan Falls will be the Program Chair, and most submission deadlines are April 15, 2014. Submissions will be accepted starting Feb 16, 2014. More information is here.

Call for papers: Local Cultural Responses to the Economic Challenges of Climate Change

Call for Papers

Local Cultural Responses to the Economic Challenges of Climate Change: Anthropological Investigations (provisional title)

(Research in Economic Anthropology, Volume 35)

Anthropological papers with an economic focus that deal with local cultural contributions and adaptations to climate change are now being sought for Volume 35 of REA, scheduled for publication in 2015. Although a broad range of articles and essays can be accepted for consideration, preference will be granted to manuscripts that draw on original ethnographic research (i.e., empirical case studies).

Deadline: Sept. 1, 2014 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to deny that human activity is a factor in global climate change. This special volume of REA does not seek to confirm this so much as it attempts to better understand the ways in which people around the world have adapted (or failed to adapt) culturally to changing economic conditions caused by climate change. It will focus on specific situations in particular locations, showcasing (and confirming) the strength and value of intensive ethnographic—or archaeological—investigation. Questions it will attempt to answer include (but are not limited to): 1) How has climate change affected production, distribution, or consumption at the local level? 2) Are environmental conservation and economic development mutually exclusive? 3) What roles can public and private institutions play in successful adaptation? 4) What kinds of parallels can be drawn between current social situations and those in the past with regards to climate change?

In principle, submissions should be under 10,000 words and sent electronically as MS Word files. Initial submissions should be double-spaced, and all images/figures (with captions) need to be included in the document. A structured abstract of 100-150 words is also needed, and all works cited should be included in a references section at the end. Self-identification should be avoided if possible.

Please submit manuscripts to:

Donald C. Wood

Associate Professor, Akita University Graduate School of Medicine
1-1-1 Hondo, Akita City, 010-8543 Japan

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