Professional Organizations

American Anthropological Association

Anthropology and the Environment

Anthropology of Work

Society for Applied Anthropology

Society for Anthropological Sciences

SEA Grads

Member web sites

Dr. Kate Browne’s film about Katrina, Still Waiting: Life After Katrina.

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen’s web site on grasshoppers.

Dr. Richard Robbins’ Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism.

Dr. Richard Wilk’s web site.

Dr. Cynthia Werner’s web site with papers on economic issues in Central Asia.

Teaching resources

Visions of Value is a searchable archive of print ads from mainstream finance and business advertising created by Charlene Makley. She uses it in her economic anthropology and globalization courses.

The Story of Stuff is a great way to introduce students in economic anthropology to another perspective on the capitalist market economy in the U.S.. Here is a link to the website.

Syllabi from economic anthropologists on relevant topics.

Learning resources

The Annotated Biblography of Economic Anthropology will contain summary paragraphs of notable works in economic anthropology. Not currently accessible

The Glossary of Economic Anthropology begins to address the many definitions and terminology at the intersection of economics and anthropology. Not currently accessible

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