Economic Anthropology

Economic Anthropology is published by the Society for Economic Anthropology to make innovative and interdisciplinary research on economic and social life available to scholarly, practitioner, and general audiences. The journal draws from a wide range of disciplines including cultural anthropology, archaeology, demography, economics, ecology, geography, and history. One issue each year is focused on a broad topic of current debate and significance, following the thematic format of the Society’s Annual Meetings. Recent themes include: Greed, Inequality, Cities, Landscape, Cooperation, Tourism, Disaster, Morality, Textiles, and Food. In 2016, we created a new annual issue for the journal apart from the theme-based issue that comes out each June. The open submission issue features articles spanning a wide array of topics, and there are calls for articles for this issue that we share on this website (for example, see our 2018-2020 call).

More about EA’s open submission issue and the Call for Papers:

The benefits of submitting to EA are plenty—our WB journal is part of the AAA consortium of scholarly journals indexed in AnthroSource. That makes the online content easy to find, easy to search, and accessible to lots and lots of people. I have been able to reduce the turnaround timeframe to one year, from submission to publication. That’s pretty unusual and it means you can get your time-sensitive work out faster, and get credit for your publication sooner than with most scholarly journals.


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