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We are delighted to announce the publication of Climate Change, Culture, and Economics edited by Donald C. Wood, Akita University. This is volume 35 in the Research in Economic Anthropology series, which is sponsored by the Society for Economic Anthropology. This special volume of REA facilitates readers to better understand the ways in which people around the world have adapted (or failed to adapt) culturally to changing economic conditions caused by climate change. It focuses on specific situations in particular locations, showcasing (and confirming) the strength and value of intensive ethnographic or archaeological investigation.


Chapters include:

The Origins of the Sustainability Concept: Risk Perception and Resource Management in Early Urban Centers

Conservation Units, Environmental Services and Frontier Peasants in the Central Amazon: Multi-Functionality, Juxtaposition or Conflict?

See the full table of contents here.


SEA members will be entitled to a 40% discount on this volume six months following publication, in March 2016. The previous volume, Production, Consumption, Business and the Economy: Structural Ideals and Moral Realities (Volume 34), is now available at a 40% discount. To redeem this offer go to and enter the code SEA-REA.


Engaging with Capitalism: Cases from Oceania (Volume 33), is now available in paperback for only £30.

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About Research in Economic Anthropology

Research in Economic Anthropology (REA) is the longest-running book series exclusively rea30dedicated to economic anthropology, and enjoys a high reputation as a promoter of “the comparative study – though time and space – of economic systems in their broader sociocultural context”, as editors Dannhaeuser and Werner described their aim in the introduction to Volume 21 (2002, p. 1).

Emerald is delighted to announce that REA is now sponsored by the Society for Economic Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association. REA and the Society for Economic Anthropology have enjoyed a close relationship for many years, with many well known economic anthropologists and members of the society contributing works for the series.

As part of the sponsorship, SEA members are entitled to a 40% discount on all past volumes of REA. To obtain this discount, visit and enter the code SEA-REA.

As an anthropological series, REA is especially concerned with empirical ethnographic research, but more theory-oriented essays and reviews are also accepted for consideration, as are submissions by non-anthropologists. Most volumes are the result of open-theme calls for papers, but some volumes center on certain themes.  Today, with its considerable momentum, REA continues to promote economic anthropology and improve our understanding of human economic behavior.

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