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April 2021 SEA News

Dear SEA Members and Friends –

Good morning! I hope you’re all hanging in there during a very busy but beautiful time of year. I’m writing with a few pieces of news:

2021 AAA Meeting (Baltimore, Nov 17-21)

  • Please note that if you submitted last year and did not withdraw, your abstract should still be in the system but you also have the option to submit a new proposal
  • The deadline is May 21 to start your submission, it must be finalized by May 26
  • SEA invites all your ideas for panels, roundtables, etc! Please indicate our section to review your proposal
  • Finally, if you are/would like to organize a panel that includes someone who is not a member of the AAA, membership and registration waiver requests are due by April 30 (please email me for more details)

Schneider Prize

Just a reminder that Schneider Paper prize applications for graduate and undergraduate students are due June 1. For more information see the SEA website.

AAA Elections

If you are a current AAA member, please remember to vote in the election. We have a student seat open. While I regret that we can’t vote for all these wonderful folks… and hope to work with all of them in the future, please do have a look at their platforms!

Mergers and Acquisitions

Don’t forget that SEA now has an awesome podcast and blog series, Mergers and Acquisitions. Each quarter the M&A will feature content centered on a specific theme. This winter, Aneil Tripathy put together a great collection of interviews with Economic Anthropologists working on climate change. This spring, I’ll soon be releasing a collection focused on the economic anthropology of waste and discards. You can find all the episodes on our website or by subscribing to the podcast on apple, google, spotify or wherever you like to get your podcasts!

SEA Spring Meetings

Have a great idea for a theme for a future SEA meeting? Please remember we’re always looking for ideas and hosts for spring meetings. If you think you might be interested, please get in touch!

SEA Membership

It is wonderful that our listserv is so healthy! We have many members and friends here. However, our AAA membership numbers are declining (likely due to the pandemic). Please consider renewing your SEA membership to keep SEA strong!

Cindy Isenhour
SEA President, 2019-2021

SEA News!

Dear SEA Members –
Here is some recent news from the society. Please pardon the bullets, I’m trying to keep it short and sweet for your reading expediency!

SEA 2020 Spring Meeting
– Rahul Oka (2020 Program Chair) is working on a very exciting program for this year’s meeting at Notre Dame. Please register to come learn and think with us about convenience!

AAA 2020
Abstract submission for AAA2020 in St. Louis is open! Please submit your panel and paper ideas to SEA for review. The deadline is April 8th.
Section Guest Registration Waivers: SEA can nominate a non-AAA member (usually an international scholar, non-anthropologist or local community member) for a registration and membership waiver for the annual meeting. If anyone is organizing a panel that includes one of these folks and is interested in applying for a guest registration waiver, please contact me as soon as you can. I need to submit our section’s nomination by March 16.
Community Engagement Grants: AAA provides small grants to sections interested in organizing community engagement events during the AAA annual meetings. If anyone has any ideas for how we might engage local groups in St. Louis, please do let me know!

Newsletter Editor – Our wonderful Newsletter Editor, Walter Little, will be stepping down in November. We are still looking for someone to replace him. Please let me know if you are interested!

Student Awards:
– A BIG congratulations to this year’s M. Estellie Smith Memorial Fund Winner: Fern Thompsett (Columbia University) “The Anti-Civilization Movement in the U.S. Pacific Northwest: Building Worlds Beyond Civilization, Towards Sustainability”
– Also BIG congratulations to this year’s Halperin Memorial Fund winners: Esra Padgett, The City University of New York, “Technologies of Transaction: Possibilities and Limitations of Cryptocurrency in the US Adult Industry”; AND Rachael Stephens, University of Pennsylvania “Valuating real estate equity and valuing social equality: property valuation and school finance inequality in Greater Hartford, Connecticut”
– The call for submissions for the Schneider Paper Prizes will be announced shortly! Keep an eye out!

That’s it for now!

Cindy Isenhour
President, Society for Economic Anthropology

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