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Announcing Mergers and Acquisitions

Concept and Format
The Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) is happy to announce the launch of a new multi-media blog and podcast series, “Mergers and Acquisitions: Exchanges in and Beyond Economic Anthropology.” The quarterly blog and podcast series will be launched in January 2021 on The Society for Economic Anthropology Website. Each quarter, the blog will feature a specific topic or theme, curated by a guest editor. The blog will then explore this theme through a number of different formats including podcasts, photo essays, interviews and roundtable discussions.

Aims and Scope
The primary aim of the blog is to demonstrate how anthropological perspectives can be merged with other perspectives to enhance and complicate understandings of economic life and contemporary events. By providing a forum for anthropologists to share their knowledge with a broader audience and to exchange ideas, we hope the blog will also provide an opportunity for scholars of all backgrounds to acquire new perspectives. Recognizing that the best ideas and insights are rarely generated alone, this blog offers a collective mind-hive for furthering the study of economic life. Our goal is to highlight current research in the field of economic anthropology and showcase how anthropological perspectives speak to a range of contemporary economic issues. The blog will host interviews with leading economic anthropologists, provide reflection pieces on economic transformations and problems, and will serve as a vehicle for new and established scholars to connect with each other and share their perspectives on the anthropological study of economic life.

The Team
This blog is a collaborative enterprise with an initial team of co-editors: Jenny Huberman (UMKC), Aneil Tripathy (Brandeis University), Ipshita Ghosh (Syracuse University), Kelly McKowen (Southern Methodist University) and Cindy Isenhour (University of Maine). As this forum evolves, we hope to invite participation from the Economic Anthropology community and expand this core team.

Blog Themes
Our goal is to have the first blog up in January with the theme Climate Change, coordinated by Aneil Tripathy. In the forthcoming months, we plan to have blogs dedicated to the following themes: waste, enterprise, unemployment and digital capitalism. Please feel free to contact the co-editors with your ideas and suggestions for the future!

SEA News, Summer 2020

I hope this message finds you well as you prepare to go back to teaching (in all its various and strange forms, old and new). The Board and I wish you safety and fulfilment in broadening the minds of future generations.

I’m writing with some news from the SEA. As always, forgive the bullets!

  • The SEA invites your submissions for AAA’s fall “Raising our Voices” online program running November 5th – November 14th. We are interested in reviewing a wide range of proposals for both “on demand” and “livestream” content (see AAA’s CFP here). We are thankful to Program Chair A.J. Faas and the rest of the committee (Allison Harnish, Olubukola “Bukky” Olayiwola, & Meg du Bray). We encourage, in particular, your ideas for specifically anti-racist programming in support of the SEA’s Juneteenth Statement of Solidarity.
  • Great thanks to former Prez Bram Tucker and new board member Kristin Phillips who are leading the SEA Inclusive Syllabus Project, designed to broaden our cannon. They are working to review all the submissions and to thematically structure a reading list that will be available to all members as a teaching resource.
  • The SEA Spring Meeting (2021) on “Landscapes of Value, Economies of Place” is shaping up! We have decided to take the meeting online given uncertainty and as a means to accommodate the significant number of members with restricted travel budgets (thanks to those who took the survey). We are grateful to Program Chairs Brad Jones and Andrea Rissing who are already putting in a ton of work to ensure a fabulous and engaging online meeting. Please see the CFP here.
  • Third, I am thrilled to tell you that the SEA is preparing to launch a new blog/podcast series in January of 2021. Featuring economic anthro analysis of contemporary events, interviews with authors and conversations with economists — this multimedia blog (tentatively titled “Mergers and Aquisitions”) presents an excellent opportunity to expand our reach and relevance. More information will be forthcoming but I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a very sincere thanks to Jennifer Huberman, Aneil Tripathy, Kelly McKowan and Ipshita Ghosh for forming our first editorial team and helping to get the idea off the ground!
  • Finally, the SEA is looking for fieldwork photographs that we might feature on our website. If you have anything good that you don’t mind sharing in a public platform (with acknowledgment of course!), please do send it our way!

My very best to all!

Cindy Isenhour (SEA President 2019 – 2021)

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