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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2022 SEA Spring Meeting

The 2022 Society for Economic Anthropology Annual Meeting — “Value and Change; Value in Crisis,” a hybrid conference — will be held on Thursday, 2 June and Friday, 3 June 2022 at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, hosted by the Philosophy Group at the Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy. For more information, including the details of the Call for Papers, please visit the 2022 Annual Meeting page on this web site.

We plan to hold a hybrid conference which will allow both remote as well as in-person attendance. Submissions may be for both remote as well as in person presentations, and equal consideration will be given to both forms of participation. In turn, the exact shape of our program will depend on the balance of in-person and remote presentations we receive. We’re particularly excited for this organizing task as we see designing and running a good hybrid conference as a way for SEA meetings to be more accessible on into the future.

We would also like to note that the substance of this year’s call is meant to speak to topics where philosophers and anthropologists have overlapping questions and concerns. Given that, we would welcome contributors who are thinking across these particular disciplinary boundaries.

We anticipate opening the submission portal for the 2022 meeting sometime between late October and early November 2021, and closing the portal in late January 2022. Of course, the exact timing will depend a bit on how quickly or slowly we are able to coordinate with the AAA.

We look forward to writing you in the coming months to announce the opening of the registration portal as well as the selection of the conference’s keynote speaker.

Until then, please feel free to write us with questions, comments or concerns.

Matthew Archer, Sverre Raffnsøe, Daniel Souleles, Morten Sørensen Thaning,
Conference Chairs

Latest Issue of Economic Anthropology is Now Available!

Check out the latest issue of Economic Anthropology, Volume 7, Issue 1 (January 2020) now fully available and accessible online!

This most recent open issue brings together a diverse selection of authors and research contributions from around the world—China, Palau, Micronesia, Norway, Uganda, South Africa, the Philippines, India, Madagascar, and the United States. The research articles published in this issue take on the emergence of financial technologies (Fitzpatrick and McKeon), shifting water narratives (Tucker), navigating agricultural standards (Flachs and Panuganti), entrepreneurship and possibility (Milgram, Beresford, Steiner), gendered consumption (Dolan et al.), economic imaginaries through real estate investment (Youngling), welfare and work (McKowen), and the sharing economy (Frost). Our authors clearly advance discourses and empirics of consequence to those interested in economic anthropology. The authors address capitalist and noncapitalist economic formations as they create relations that innovate, invigorate, and integrate people, their values, their livelihoods, and their well-being.

The Symposium section asks Laura Nader, Gearoid Millar, Cynthia Mahmood, Mark Moberg, and Erik Bähre, What does economic anthropology contribute to the understanding of the economics of peace and conflict? Their responses consider economics and war (Nader), hidden interactions (Millar), corruption and resistance (Mahmood), militarism (Moberg), and solidarity (Bähre). This set of essays elevates the discussion around the importance of socioeconomics in contemplating conflict, as well as its escalation, resolution, and transformation.​

Be sure to download, share, and cite your favorite contributions from this issue. EA looks forward to publishing your socioeconomic work next! Submissions are now being accepted through January 20, 2020 for the January 2021 open issue! Visit EA’s website through AnthroSource to browse our content, read our virtual issues, recommend EA to a librarian, and sign up to get content alerts. Finally, join the Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) this spring (April 30–May 2, 2020) at the University of Notre Dame, where the conference theme will be “Convenience.”​

Brandon Lundy, Ph.D.
Editor, Economic Anthropology
Associate Director / Professor of Anthropology
School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding & Development
Kennesaw State University

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